Nirvana is within the reach of anyone

Or at least says so Jack Kornfield in this latest article in the NYTimes. And this is not very surprising to hear such slogans repeated by someone who is a descendant of Burmese meditation revolution - so meticulously described by Erik Braun – which democratized premodern asiatic Buddhism to unprecedented degree. Along this line one can read what is characteristic for today's peddlers of meditation that “he also celebrates corporate program and [what is especially striking] mindfulness in the military. 'You put heavy weapons in (young men's) hands, and you don’t want them to have emotional regulation, some inner sense of how to still themselves?'” If this is not a news to hear such associations between mindfulness and military it still leaves lasting impression every time one sees them displayed by modern gurus with unconcealed heartfelt approbation in today's popular discourse. 

But of course after some deliberation such approbations become quite obvious - mind you, if you put heavy weapons in young men's hands to kill you should also teach them how to emotionally auto-regulate otherwise due to a lack of inner sense of how to still themselves they might miss their chosen targets within the reach, not to mention their Nirvana.